Trauma / Accidents

Trauma / Accidents

One of the most common causes of the injuries we see are Trauma / Accidents. It is an event that caused the injury or the onset of the pain. Some of these events may be falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, assault or collisions.

Normally you feel pain immediately and are aware of the cause. The injured area may be inflamed, stiff and sore to touch. Depending on the severity of the trauma you may have had to go to the hospital for x-ray or scan and may have been diagnosed with a break in a bone, (medically called a fracture) of perhaps a soft tissue injury.

Here at our clinic we treat patients recovering from a fracture by resolving any pain that may be present following the healing of the fracture. At times the area may be quite stiff and you may have reduced movement in the area. We will rehabilitate the area and return it to normal function.

For soft tissue injuries we will reduce the pain and inflammation and using gentle techniques return the injured body part to normal function.

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Do I need a GP referral?

Although we receive a number of GP referrals for clients, you can make an appointment directly by contacting Sheehan Physiotherapy Clinic on 021 4877959.

Where is the Clinic?

The Clinic is situated in Exchange House on Main Street Ballincollig. Directly opposite Downs Supervalu Supermarket. We are on the first floor and we have lift access if required.

What is the cost per visit?

Our cost per visit is €60. We also offer very competitive club rates for members of sports clubs who use Sheehan Physiotherapy Clinic exclusively.

How long does a treatment take?

Each visit lasts for 40 minutes. However you might require 50 minutes on the first visit as we will take a full case history and carry out a detailed examination of the injury / condition.

What can you treat?

At the clinic we are experienced in the treatment of all muscular skeletal pain, whether caused by trauma, repetitive strain, wear-and-tear or without any obvious cause. We also carry out post operative rehabilitation. For athletes who don't have a specific injury at the moment, we provide sports massage treatments pre and post event, as well as maintenance programs to help avoid injury. If you are unsure if your painful condition / injury can be treated please contact us for advice.

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